Sunday, July 08, 2007

A white field covered in snow. I am standing with a boombox in my hands. The music plays over the white, and gradually colour bleeds into the snow like a watercolour landscape.

The CN tower stands in the centre of the city. Roots begin at the bottom and spiral up and around the sides. When they reach the top a bud forms and unfolds, the world’s tallest moonflower.

An angel races up the side of a building. As the pads of his feet hit the concrete the echoes form into scorpions that chase him. When he reaches the top he springs into the air. The tails of the scorpions all meet at one point in his body, and he transforms into light.

An endless beach. I lie on it, absorbing the sun and the sounds of the waves. My outstretched hands find a sand dollar in the surf. I turn it around in my fingers, and see that the ridges and trenches in the bone of the creature match my fingerprint perfectly.

Monday, June 04, 2007

New York, New York

I'm back from my trip... and in kind-of a pupal state. I would like to, if possible, attach my coccoon to the wall of the shower and wait there until all of the grit and grime of the city has collapsed from my pores.

After reviewing the Bjork footage from the Coachella festival, I'm now thinking that I might actually want to joing Rian/Kian at Vfest in September... We'll see. More later.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Sunday, May 06, 2007

Friday, May 04, 2007

The girl sits, her face twitching. A spasm? Or perhaps mouthing motions...
replaying a conversation, acting out the dialogue partially with her body,
her eyes closed.
A young Apollo, or perhaps Orpheus, with dark shirt and dark-washed jeans sits close,
clutching CDs in hand. First determined and then just sleepy. Or perhaps fake-sleepy, because he is aware he is being watched.
Ah, his eyes open for an instant, his gaze focused on me until I look up, when his eyes quickly dart to the side.
The two young girls at the other end of the car sit sprawled out, their hair down. They take turns swigging from two water bottles.
One filled with orange juice, the other filled with what must be vodka. My eyes linger too long and they both glare defiantly. So sexual and impatient, even the way they tug their hair as four boys get on.
Another girl in the middle rubs her temples with one hand and scrolls
through her ipod with the other. Trying to find a soothing melody to drown out the voices of the eager twenty-somethings and underage party-girls at the other end.
A woman with glasses reads a book, the cover of which I cannot quite make out... a travel book? Two women with children in strollers get on at Davisville as I talk to Danielle on the phone. They sith with a man in a baggy sweat-suit. Their hands start to w h ir l in the air and I realize
they, or at least one of them, is deaf. The man also enters the handspeak dialogue. A gentleman sitting in front of me gets up to return the hat of one of the children to her,
her mother did not hear the noise she made as it fell. They exchange smiles and the man goes back to his seat. He and his lady-friend continue to smile and discuss the child in the stroller. Her eyes are so large and curious,
I wonder if she has already started learning sign language.
I had some interesting dream last night but I can't remember it right now. It involved skin-suits, where people would put on and take off bodies and identities. An interesting idea. There's no greater entertainment than my subconscious sometimes.

i have come through the voltage and love them still and love them still
i am a beast with many heads and arms rolling
we are the earth intruders

There will be a lot of earth intruding going on this summer. Starting with this afternoon, I am going on a walk before work. New York is now officially planned for May 31st - June 3rd. It will include a Central Park picnic, architecture sightings, and Manhattans on patios.

you through
black ice
at the bottom of the river

I love how thoroughly layered all of the tracks on American Doll Posse are. I can guess which song is sung by which character just from the mythological references alone. I think I identify most with Pip. --->
I guess that's fitting, because she is Athena and about how dark energy is not necessarily negative, but perhaps only less rosey-coloured. I think it's necessary in times like these to be more forward and more physical with our environs - be they political, social or personal. The stakes just keep getting higher.

It's going to be sunny for the next 4 days. Let's enjoy it.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

I'm going in. Wish me luck.

it's too . too easy. it's too . too easy to wish you harm

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Supposedly studying
On a related note,
Things I medicate myself with:

Lost in Translation
Passion tea (sometimes with honey)
the sleeping breathing noises of my sisters
the ocean
wind blowing through pine trees
the smell of davey
stucco ceilings