Friday, May 04, 2007

I had some interesting dream last night but I can't remember it right now. It involved skin-suits, where people would put on and take off bodies and identities. An interesting idea. There's no greater entertainment than my subconscious sometimes.

i have come through the voltage and love them still and love them still
i am a beast with many heads and arms rolling
we are the earth intruders

There will be a lot of earth intruding going on this summer. Starting with this afternoon, I am going on a walk before work. New York is now officially planned for May 31st - June 3rd. It will include a Central Park picnic, architecture sightings, and Manhattans on patios.

you through
black ice
at the bottom of the river

I love how thoroughly layered all of the tracks on American Doll Posse are. I can guess which song is sung by which character just from the mythological references alone. I think I identify most with Pip. --->
I guess that's fitting, because she is Athena and about how dark energy is not necessarily negative, but perhaps only less rosey-coloured. I think it's necessary in times like these to be more forward and more physical with our environs - be they political, social or personal. The stakes just keep getting higher.

It's going to be sunny for the next 4 days. Let's enjoy it.

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Jackman said...

i like the pics of the boy in the hoodie!