Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Created from Everything
current book: Funny Boy
current song: Bells for Her
probable theme of tomorrow: A Sorta Fairytale

You have to love everything sometimes. It's when the sleeplessness falls into ripples and suddenly you're melting in reality. It feels warm.

Today I had another song blow in the window and hit me in the brain. Hence my MSN name of the day: Rose Song. I haven't written any since Goodbye Charlotte. I was probably afraid of whatever I wrote sucking big time in comparison. There are times when you know that it's not your own creativity, that there is an actual story, a memory out of some time-spun fabric of being, that presents itself to you and lets you have it. It's when it spreads across your senses and you can hear it and feel it and smell it all at the same time.

I'm leaving for the cottage tomorrow. It should be wonderful. I really love being able to escape and find a corner of earth with a lake and trees. There's something that speaks to me in water. Plus I'm bringing my cd player. music + algonquin + friends = unbeatable combination. Provided I am not attacked and mauled by a bear.
and through the life force and there goes her friend on her nishiki it's out of timeand through the portal they can make amends

I remember my time at that cottage as being extremely creativeley stimulating. Which would be good. I'm bringing my camera.

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