Thursday, August 19, 2004

I finished reading Funny Boy last night, I would recommend it to anyone who likes to read, especially those who like more personal stories. I had never really sampled any books with the middle east (as in sri lanka if that really counts), and it was interesting how similar it seemed.

I just got back from the funeral for Jonathan. I was surprised at myself, I wasn't expecting to cry. I was never really good friends with him, but I do have a few memories. He was a really great kid, seemingly always smiling, really funny even if it wasn't on purpose, and it was very clear how many people he touched.

During the service at the actual cemetery, I was looking at Debbie, Jonathan's mother, and seeing the pain on her face and I started to cry. But suddenly, I think we both noticed it at the same time, one of those, you know those little fluff balls that you catch in your hands, well the kind that you can't catch and hold in your hands, you have to let them come to you and sometimes they'll let you hold them but they always seem to slip away before you're ready to let them go... one of those flew up from nowhere right over the coffin and Debbie stopped crying for a moment and so did I, and she started blowing at it, then closed her eyes. I watched it fly over the crowd and off, way way up into the sky.

I'd like to think that it meant something.

See you later Jono.

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