Sunday, August 22, 2004

Webs woven around the sound, rippling on the lake and dropping somewhere on this leaf, this one right here, where we had been speaking until now.

song for eric

i wait all day for my sailor and sometimes he comes

see you over hill and dale
riding on the wind i see
you know me, you know me like the nightingale
"oh fair maiden, i see you standing there"
will you hold me for just a fair time
the tune is playing in the fair night
i see you in my dreams
fair boy your eyes haunt me...

by tori

I should stop staying up so late. I should stop being so superficial. I should apparently stop mentioning anything about bands I like on MY OWN SITE. I should start drawing again. I should start caring more. I should stop being lazy. I should be more creative. I should walk more and be driven less. I should be a more kind person. I should clean my bathroom. I should speak in clearer terms. I should allow myself to fall from time to time. I should stop side-stepping my own conscience. I should become more aware of my surroundings. I should pay more attention to the feelings of those around me. I should be more responsible. I should accept good will in all it's forms. I should cleanse my head of insecurities. I should reach out. I should be a leader. I should ....sleep

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