Friday, August 05, 2005


Official quote of the day 'You were supposed to be heterosexual!'
'I wanted you to be heterosexual so that I could have grandchildren!'
'What? Who said I wasn't going to have grandchildren?!'
'Well, I just want them soon so that I can enjoy them.'
'Um. Ok. Isn't that why you just had Bronwen? And wait, you have two other children! Make them procreate! And who said I was planning on it anyway? And who said I was going to end up with a guy?! Christ!'

It was an interesting car ride. It was all kind of in jest anyway... But still. Far too sitcom/b-movie script-esque an anecdote not to share.

Um. I'll update this a bit more later.


Yay! Chris bought me the Final Fantasy cd... I'm so happy. I'm going to allow that materialism... as it is for music. Now I kind of want to buy the blonde redhead CD.
hitomi wo tojite
sora wo miyage

I had planned to have one of those actual updates where I type about how I'm feeling and what's been going on in my life lately but I just can't keep it straight enough in my head to type it out. So I'll try again tomorrow.

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