Monday, March 27, 2006

Kings and Queens

Kings and Queens is a really good song. You should download it. Right now.

This week I've been feeling kind of nostalgic, even unto missing high school which is one thing I swore I'd never do. Going home doesn't totally feel like going home anymore. Everytime Bronwyn is bigger and has brand new vocabulary and habits and Caitlin is becoming a teenager and my mom is moving on with her life (sort of). But in the same vein, they still can't turn the TV on or off without my help. Hahaha.

Currently listening to: Snowman by Cherry Filter. And now Cooling, good old cooling. She tucks me in at night every time.

'And I know I have been driven, like the snow. But this is cooling faster than I can, this is cooling, faster than I-'

I'm in one of those moods where I'm missing people I've never met before, and missing meeting them. And just sitting here I'm missing all of it. It's one of those transition phases that I always cope so well with. I think summer will be a breath of fresh air though. Maybe I need a girl.

And now for some Northern Lad. I am a Northern Lad.

And if you could see me now...

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