Monday, November 06, 2006

Red Right Ankle

What is blogger beta? That's confusing.... blogger's so hardcore now. I remember back in the day when there wasn't even that aweful banner thing at the top. I should be doing japanese homework right now, after all that's why I got up early. But I've been studying for a while and so am now bored.

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I'm on such a Patrick Wolf blitz. I need moooooore. Hahhaa. I wish the new album would come out. But alas, I must wait for new feist and new patrick and new bjork. I just hope this winter doesn't go too slowly. Or too quickly for that matter. I don't want school to drag the whole world down into all that slushy grey snow, but at the same time I want to enjoy that filtered light and extensive shadow a bit.

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Things I love about winter:
- the slowing down of my pulse
- long shadows
- snowflakes melting on my face
- white hot chocolate
- the way sound seems to echo, or is isolated but at the same time intensified by atmosphere
- wool, scarves and long coats

I remember long walks in the winter, in Sapporo, in Maryland, and even in the river valley in Whitby. I remember fantasizing about disappearing, about meeting forest spirits, about coming upon an ethereal village that was somehow out of time and reality. There are elements that exist in winter that have a way of removing you from reality, whether it's the cold making your body numb, or the whiteness that covers everything from sight in a fresh snow. Some of the same other-worldly elements are present in fall, but I think in some ways they're intensified in winter, even if only because the coldness tends to drive more people indoors. Which is part of what makes it so nice for walks.

The other day I was walking along Yonge, heading to Bloor station to take the train over and hand in an essay, and I just watched this wall of snow sweep straight across Bloor in this insane gust of wind. My ipod was on shuffle, and just as the wind started, the bells and such on Jeremy Enigk's A New Beginning kicked in. It was quite fitting, and created another of those perfect sense-memories tied to songs that I occasionally incur.

All things considered, I'm looking forward to winter. I want a winter jacket and for Allison to finish making that shirt she started for me for last christmas. I need to start Christmas shopping.

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