Thursday, April 26, 2007

Rant rant rant, song song song

Today after work I was told by a regular customer/acquaintance that I was "outwardly gay" or something along those lines. I think most people know my views on the topic, but I'm going to re-hash the same old argument again anyway, as well as share a few new paranoid tangents.

I am so tired of having people put me in their little mental shoeboxes. Maybe I need to clarify that... moreso than I'm sick of people putting me in boxes, because I can understand the basic human need to define things based on what one already knows, I'm sick of them projecting shit on me. They first give me some sort of label, and then they define all of my behaviours based around that definition. If there is some sort of behaviour or output that is not in their lexicon, they just shove it under that umbrella definition. Or worse, they take something else out from under that umbrella that has nothing to do with me and equate it in their minds with me. This alone pisses me off.

But what I'm more afraid of is that eventually, having all of this shit pushed on me is going to somehow affect the way I behave. What if I'm somehow absorbing all of it in my sub-conscious mind and slowly letting it seep into my behavioural patterns?

In other news, my noise floor album is here, and I love it. Especially the song motion sickness.


Jackman said...

omg.... your blog.... it's so different!!!

Jackman said...

finally... noise floor!!! so what ever happened to four winds... did you send it back??

Liam said...

no... hahaha it's still in your room. I forgot about it. And I had to change my layout because the comments won't come back