Saturday, September 09, 2006

The Landing

I do mean being helped down and being earthed, but also that space between the staircases where you can look up and down, or just watch the light filtering through the dust of the skylight. I hope that my future includes a skylight, and lots of interesting earthenware mugs. It's 11:48 and really I should be tired, I was up at 5:20 this morning to take a taxi to work. Today was crazily busy, I was on my feet all the time, I couldn't sleep last night. But still, here I sit in front of the computer, connected to my ipod and buzzing and humming in my own little way.

I don't blame you

I think every argument, tangent and soliloque that I ever garble, extrapolate or misinterpret on this blog is a microwaved re-hash or a previous diatribe of a poorly communicated idea. So none of it has any point or value. Just so you know.

I kind of feel like heading down south, bumbling around south carolina for a bit. Re-tracing the steps of a few people I never knew. Or maybe Maine, that's always a safe bet. Hop around Bar Harbour, collect sand dollars and tap along the surf. Maybe it's that ocean-call again. Or maybe it's just fall. Why do I only post stuff about my craving for nature? Isn't that a weird concept; having a strong urge to be outdoors or be in nature and solve it by sitting down at the computer? Where's the sense in that?

Bands/Artists you need to check out include:
Cat Power
Neko Case
Jenny Lewis with the Watson Twins
Tilly and the Wall

Bands/Artists I need to check out include:

Metric were ok at the UofT orientation, they were about an hour late and didn't bother to play a promised encore. Also they all seemed kinda tired. But c'est la vie. Looking back, I kind of wish that I had left and gone to see Volver with Rian instead... because obviously it would have been an amazing movie. Oh well, spilt milk.

I never meant to be the needle that broke your back
you were here you were here you were here
don't look back

If you could be reborn as anything, including inanimate or non-living objects, what would you come back as?

I think I would want to be something simple, like a ripple or a breeze.

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