Saturday, February 28, 2004

The Neverending Day
I believe that that day must have been the strangest of my life thus far... Can you imagine following the sun around the world? During my entire 12 hour flight over the pacific ocean, the sun maintained the exact same position in the sky. As a result, I ended up not sleeping for a little over 30 hours. I almost missed the first flight from Toronto to Vancouver, and , consequentially, didn't get a chance to say good-bye to mom and Caitlin. Which was quite sad, but at the time I was slightly too excited to really care. I ended up not being able to meet that girl who was on the same flight as me headed to Osaka, since I was so late. But oh well, it didn't really matter anyway.

Thankfully, on the flight, I discovered that my fear of heights and planes is gone! It was so exciting to be up so high... The world is so beautiful from above. I got to see the Rockies! The ROCKIES! They were absolutely gorgeous.

And the plane ride from Vancouver to Japan was really, really long and relatively uneventful. I ended up seeing around 4 movies. But I was sitting next to this really nice Japanese girl who has lived in Montreal with her boyfriend for two years, so that was useful. Oh, and the first thing I saw in Japan? Some random mountains.... Second: MT FUJI!!! I got some okay pictures from the window of the plane which I will eventually send. Anyway, that's about it for right now... I think my host parents are waiting for me to go to bed to turn the alarm system on... So , good night... or ........morning. Whatever.

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